About The Lunaticks Society

What is The Lunaticks Society of Newcastle?

The Lunaticks Society of Newcastle is a society of prominent Newcastle digital and social media enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, creatives, app developers, film producers, investors and others wanting to encourage creative thinking and new ideas in a digital world.

What are the Lunaticks planning?

The Lunaticks Society of Newcastle have scheduled a series of monthly educational and entertaining events featuring prominent local talent as well as a splattering of high profile geeks and others.

Now you want to know why we called it The Lunaticks Society of Newcastle?

Surprise – it’s not a pun on the word ‘lunatics’.

But after a dinner club and informal society of prominent industrialists, natural philosophers and intellectuals, who met regularly between 1765 and 1813 in Birmingham, England to debate the new thinking of the industrial revolution.

They were called ‘Lunar Society of Birmingham‘ and its members cheerfully referred to themselves as “lunaticks.” Rather than steam engines and cotton mills, our bunch of lunaticks to discuss the digital revolution.

Our aim:

The Lunaticks Society of Newcastle is dedicated to establishing a strong digital culture in the city of Newcastle – inspiring creativity, new thinking and ideas in the digital age.


    • Delivering fun and entertaining educational events and providing an open platform for exploration, discussion and debate
    • Bringing together digital and social media enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, creatives, developers, tech leaders, investors and others who are interested in the digital age, as one community.
    • Communicating, connecting and collaborating using the latest technology sharing ideas and promote the city of Newcastle as a digital friendly place, showcasing the very best talent and organisations on offer.
    • Advocating the need for a digital city strategy as a guide to inform policies and actions to create a vibrant digital economy that will be essential to Newcastle’s prosperity, global competitive standing and to help improve social well-being.

Who can join?

Anyone! Just contact me by ringing 0410 596698 or email me using the form below: