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2017 Lunaticks Event Dates Released

2017 Lunaticks Event Dates Released

Okay peeps, we are ready to announce our event dates for 2017.

  • Tuesday, February 28th – Lunaticks LIVE! EP 7: Disabled Tech
  • Tuesday, April 18th – Lunaticks LIVE! EP 8: Regional Incubator Program
  • Tuesday, June 27th- Lunaticks LIVE! EP 9: Open Data
  • Tuesday, August 29th- Lunaticks LIVE! EP 10: VR & Entertainment
  • Thursday, September 28th – 2017 NEWi Awards Ceremony
  • Tuesday, November 28th – Lunaticks LIVE! EP 11: Smart Cities Infrastructure

If you would like to contribute to any of these events, please contact Gordon Whitehead via gordon [@]

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